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Richard Remington’s story began with the founding of a family business. Cousins Richard Philippe and Roger Remington opened a watch dealership business in Preston, Lancashire, England. Their company developed rapidly and earned an excellent reputation by creating exceptional and simple models incorporating cutting-edge innovations. Loyal to their motto “Only manufacture watches of the highest quality, Accept only perfection,” The Richard Remington company enjoyed rapid growth. Richard-Victor was a true visionary who already intuitively sensed interest of people in classic and slim watches. So they decided to launch their own brand with the same name as the company “Richard Remington”.

The company laid the foundation of a corporate philosophy that is still as timely as ever. From this point onwards, horological mastery was embodied through timeless elegance. A true trailblazer in this market segment, Richard Remington made a name for itself among a public eager for new products by launching the first Master series wrist watches



We believe in customer care and we believe in providing the best offer to you. We are proud to have had so many satisfied customers who think and talk highly of us and we are hoping that you would join us in our journey and adore yourself with the new styles and designs we present. We guarantee that you will enjoy shopping experience with us. So bring the best out of you, listen to what your heart says, walk with grace and show the world who you really are. May it be a gift for someone you love or choosing watch for your own self, we can assure you we have exactly what you want. We have a variety like no other can offer, the style that fits for every occasion, the unique colors that will make you keep coming back to us, best quality you can find nowhere else, the delicacy of designs and sophistication that you have never seen anywhere else and above all very reasonable and affordable prices that definitely fit your budget. Now you don’t have to worry that your choice will bankrupt you. You don’t have to think again and again about the cost when you like something from our store. Our economical prices and best designs will amaze you. Not only that, we also provide with free delivery in minimum time. All you have to do is to select the watch of your choice and place an order.


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