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Watches Available At Affordable Rates on Christmas

Posted on 17 December 2015

The Eve of Christmas is ahead and we all are busy in buying gifts for our family and friends. Gift ideas are popping in our minds and we feel very enthusiastic about it. It’s all about excitement, love for our dear ones and touchy feelings with them. We would like our family and friends to like our gift too. What it would be the pleasure, if we are lucky enough to find the gift of high quality yet stylish? But above all, our pleasure would be doubled if we are able to find the desired gift at affordable rates. Managing the gift at affordable rates would make you buy even more gifts for your loved ones and see the happiness in their faces. This you can afford the gift for everybody.

To make this dream a reality the team of experienced and highly professional staff at Richard Remington has worked 24/7 and tried their best to put all the best features in the watch that are liked by our valued customers all over the world. Also our managing and administrative staff searched the ways to relax the amazing buyers, so they have introduced free shipping all over the world and a very attractive and quality case to keep the present safe.

The watches at Richard Remington are of two types, the Classic Ultra Thin and Master Day Date. The material and the mechanism used in both watches are out of an ordinary and special consideration is taken in managing all manufacturing steps. Also, one of the main concerns to make the watch easy to go with every dress for our valued buyer was kept at front and Richard Remington is now successful in making such a watch. The concept was implemented by selecting the appropriate shape, designs and colors.

Our Classic Ultra Thin watches have signature full moon style face with an eggshell white dial. These are the purest expression of thin watches of just 40mm diameter and are equally comfortable in the office or in the sports field. Well, the watch has Swiss Ronda 762 Quartz Movement which is decided after the lengthy meetings with professional from around the world. For leather straps, Italian Calfskin Leather is used. For crystal glass, our professionals summed up with the selection of Sapphire Crystal Glass because it is the hardest transparent material on earth. The case is however is decided to be 316L Stainless Steel Rose Gold and Silver.

The other watch liked by the Richard Remington buyers from around the world is Master Day Date. Its three apertures on a clean white dial display the day, date, and time that truly make you feel evenly and ensure you are available at the desired place at the right time. The watch is equally comfortable to carry everywhere and you can stay wearing all day long. Keeping the quality concerns ahead, the team of highly experienced staff and professionals at Richard Remington decided to use Japanese Quartz Movement and a Mineral Glass. The case is polished 316L Stainless steel with plated case and Eggshell White Dial is used.

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