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Watches that Will Definitely Make this New Year Memorable For Your Love

Posted on 14 December 2015

“We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams.”       ~ Jeremy Irons 

A new year is ahead. This is a book which is still not written, but all of us have started planning it and want to see the dreams fulfilled and work completed which were left the last year. The New Year would come with the new beginnings, reaffirmations of love, assurance of bright prospects. And so on. Thus, many of us have made many commitments to ourselves to be more purposeful and promising the next year.

Some people would like to make new friends, some would like to decorate home, some would like to take admission in course they love to do, and some would like to pick better health, while someone would like to finally propose the one he/she loves. Overall our best efforts on new year is to care our loved ones even more, express that love, forget the bad events, and make relationships and friendships even more stronger.

Such occasions are made more memorable, unforgettable and stronger with the affirmative addition of quality yet meaningful gifts. Watches are the accessory that is supposed to be 100% part of your dressing wherever you go. So, here Richard Remington is introducing some quality watches that are specially designed to inspire the lovely beings and touch their heart with something good in it.

Special Watches to Touch the Heart of your Love on this New Year

At this New Year, Richard Remington has come up with the whole new collection. Two types of watches that we sale are Classic Ultra Thin and Master Day Date Collection. These watches are designed by highly professional staff and manufactured under great care, keeping no compromise on quality. Thus, rest assured that these watches with enchant your loved at reasonable price.

Why We Say We Deliver the Best Quality?

All the watches are artfully designed to be impressive in quality and style. The strategy that is used in these watches allows its owners to walk with grace and move with style. Well, quality is the topmost concern of Richard Remington and each and every part of watch truly reflects this. Our professionals have chosen Ronda Caliber 762 quartz in all the Classic series watches just because of its excellent power saving mechanism and lowest power consumption which is approx. 70%. Some of the other benefits of this movement are extended battery life, dependability and trust.

Interchangeable Genuine Leather and NATO Straps – The Sign of Quality

The leather and NATO straps that are available with these watches are made from high quality material. Leather straps are made from genuine Italic leather and are very carefully polished to high shine and matte. These straps are available in plain and alligator patterns in eye catching shades of black and brown. NATO straps are iconic, colorful, and durable and come in range of striped colored designs. The style of NATO straps is however influenced by the coast and sporting associations with historic cities.

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