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Quality that Beat the Standards and is Up-to-the-Mark

Posted on 30 November 2015

Looking for a quality watch! So, look something different, a watch that is not only beautiful in its look and feel but comes in wonderful variety. These watches are most sophistically and carefully crafted by experienced team. And thus these are the perfect match to your imagination that truly transferred to reality for its quality and maintained standards.

When style guru Danial Johnson was consulted to ask about quality, he summed his views with the following characteristics that a quality watches posses. Here we are going to share those characteristics that can also work for you as tips to pick a fine watch:

Yellow Gold

Go for yellow gold, it looks very graceful and precious. Well! Richard Remington also sells watch in yellow gold, so you can find it in stock. It comes with wonderful strap that will enchant your personality to the maximum.

Bigger is not always better

Your watch shouldn’t shout out about your pocket. Buy watch that suits your personality, complement your look and go with your dress is best for you. So, don’t always go for bigger or heavier, but look for other features as well.

Does Money Buy Quality

Yes surely when we are concerned with quality watch, money really matters. And most of the times buying expensive watches would buy quality. But don’t go for just expensive watch, rather look for other characteristics. Don’t go for number of diamonds or a gold or silver watch, but emphasis on

Be Occasion Appropriate

Together with the quality of watch, the quality in you needs to be reflected. So, whenever, you buy watch, remember to select it in accordance with the occasion you would wear it for. Remember few rules that will head your decision.

Know the Simple Rules

To complement the above thought, you could work on simple easy to follow rules. A black leather strap watch is for formal wear. A watch with colored straps is for casual wear. A watch with black face and a metal strap is appropriate for office. But if we talk about girls, funky and stylish watches are for casual wear and parties.

Know Your Metals

Watches are normally available in three metals, that are, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold and White Gold. Rose Gold was disappeared is past, but is now popular and available. Yellow Gold looks precious and White Gold is never out of fashion in recent years. Well, all you can find in the Richard Remington’s new collection.

So, all the above headings count and are more likely to work for you, or anybody in search of quality watch that beat the standards and is up-to-the-mark.

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