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Designs Forever By Richard Remington

Posted on 09 November 2015


Some companies are those which are very common and some are those which create their own style Richard Remington is one among them. It automatically creates its unique style just by creating its individuality and it’s unconventional inspiration from NATO soldiers. It’s up to you, either you go with red blue or any color. Each one features a choice of silver, yellow, gold or rose gold metal work and is very much part of our style.The concept of the wristwatch goes back to the

production of the very earliest watches in the 16th century and we very much follow the same rule of round dials which evoke decency in you.


Original Italian leather straps which are available in every shade of brown and black with matt and shiny finishes can be a great choice. Listen to what your heart says and be graceful when you walk, after all aman’s watch reveals his taste and it also shows his sense of discrimination between a common and worthy brand. So try it once you will become our regular customer afterwards.


These watches are made for every occasion, This England base company has its name and individuality, the designs which we bring forward are new with variety to offer and these styles are not copied, they are designed by our designers and they are mostly unconventional, with the blend of colorful bands and sophisticated dials which are the epitome of singularity.


So far we have been told that time is money, however what if we reverse the whole clause and say money is time nothing happened this is what we do we blend and mix the archaic and new in an interesting manner which is also our very trade mark of Richard Remington.


No doubt, we have made our own fame in marketing but there is something in these watches which do impresses not only our consumers but to every passerby, it’s not just an ordinary watch with the stereotyped dial, but is very different its electric blue hands not only show you time but make you eccentric with its fluorescent and colorful straps that will rejuvenate you while you are at your work place. Energy which is at times lost due to day to day stress and growing chaotic situations. Richard Remington will come in your life and make you look cool and classy.

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