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Why RR's Slimline Watches are better

Posted on 27 September 2017

Slimline watches reflect sophistication, elegance and they look great on wrist. They are light weight which does not overload your arm and easily fits under the cuff as well. Therefore these watches are becoming progressively more popular nowadays; we can say it “Thin is In”. The slim watch say more with less whether you wear it casually on daily basis, on a special occasion or in the get together with friends and family. It is not mandatory that if you want a Slimline watch to get all the benefits defined above then have to pay heavy amount for it or compromising on the quality by not buying a Branded watch.

Richard Remington has launched a wide range of Slimline Watches with different styles to choose from in very affordable prices. Anyone can make his own Style statement by picking up the best Slim watch for him according to his taste and budget. Below is given few features of Slim watches by RR so after reading that you can get to know why Richard Remington Slimline Watches are better to choose.

1. Interchangeable Straps:

The complete series of Classic Slim watches by Richard Remington is available with the option of interchangeable straps. This feature is not available with most of the brands so it will make the RR watches stand out. You can choose between Calfskin leather and Nylon NATO straps to change the complete look of your watch as per your outfit requirement.

2. Sapphire Crystal Glass:

As we have described above that Slim watches can be wearable on daily basis and will be suitable for sporting as well, therefore RR has chosen Sapphire Crystal glass for its Slim watches which is hard as diamond. Sapphire glass is so clear that you can easily read the dial and it is so hard that you do not need to worry about any accidental damage. It has a shiny surface which reflects light making it glamorous and it is scratch resistant as well.

3. Fine Case:

All watches in Richard Remington’s Classic series are produced with a very fine and ultra-thin case which gives a very elegant look to wearer. A case of slim watch is just 6mm deep and 40mm in diameter, so it fits nicely under the cuff and you will feel it like a part of yourself. RR care for you and use high-end material for plating the watch’s case so it will not be corrosion by seawater or any acidic liquid and it is very safe to your skin as well.

4. Swiss Ronda Quartz:

In a quality watch, it is very essential to have the reliable movement inside it with the good appearance. The fine movement in the watch makes it functional and durable for long time therefore Richard Remington Classic Slim watches are fitted with Ronda Caliber 762 quartz movement. Top notch brand always use the best parts for its product so RR also use Swiss movements by Ronda only. They have power saving mechanism and very long battery life which makes them prominent in comparison to other brands.

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