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Why you should not buy a replica watch

Posted on 23 August 2017

In the watch community, there is lot of discussions, arguments, disagreements and different opinions about various features of watch like its size, watch straps, its movement, machinery, etc. However, there is only one subject on which all the people who are enthusiast about watches are on same page i.e. “Not to buy Replica watches”.

Below are the reasons for why you must not buy replica watches? This will be agreed by all watch’s fans.

Poor Reliability & Durability:

A fake watch has no Quality control and not made using the state-of-art technology and high-end equipment and quality components utilized in the development of original brand. This is the reason why it stops working in few weeks/ couple of months. Replica watches are developed by using poor quality material and mostly cheap quartz movement. Therefore it does not last very long. Also, it may be broken or scratched and the repairing of defective part will not be possible so you have to throw it in bin and lose all the money spent on buying the fake watch.

Support Crime:

By buying a replica watch, you are not only wasting your precious money for which you can get a quality non-branded watch, but, in some cases, you are un-intentionally putting money in organized crime and criminals. If we keep buying replicas then the manufacturer of this industry keep making the illegal watches as they are motivated by the buyers. These people may also be linked with sever crimes such as human-trafficking, drugs smuggling and other horrible crimes.

Tradition & Value of Watch Keeping:

A branded watch is a perfect accessory and it completes the outfit of a man. Unlike woman, man has the one most important part to be a gentleman and it is a watch. This is what you can pass down to your upcoming generations and it will be so personal and traditional because it has been on your wrist for long time. Watch making is an art which is not available in replicas, so it will be better to spend few more dollars to buy authentic watch which will be followed by generations with sentimental values.


We work so hard to live in this world then why we should disrespect ourselves by having the fake watch. We deserve best and better, so we must go for genuine so we can proud ourselves and we can last with it for long time. Although you may feel relieved from pain about the simple fact that you did not spend a lot on the look-alike but you will continue to feel dissatisfied with the looks and appearance of the knock-off.

No impression:

“If one buys a fake, he is fooling others”, it is an opinion by experienced customer. Several watch professionals think that poor replica wrist watches will be identified at greater than 20 foot away. Even if you are not watch guru you can also judge the plain glass or plastic of fake watch because it does not reflect light as Sapphire crystal glass dial, the plating of dial is also easily identified of replica watch because it is too poor in quality etc. Fake watches do not have the same features and attributes like the authentic ones. Many of them just tell the time, as the small chronograph watches and other functions are just for show, they do not work at all.

Final Verdict:

As the saying goes,

“Fake watches are for Fake people, Be Authentic; Buy Real”

So, stop buying replicas. If you cannot afford a Rolex, Hublot or Omega, don’t worry. There are affordable brands like Richard Remington where you can get a master day-date and even a slim-line watch under £100. Check out our latest watch collection now and start wearing a real, branded watch.

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