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4 Of The Finest Leather Straps For Ultra-Slim Watch

Posted on 15 September 2017

Do you want to give a complete new look to your watch or you just got bored of wearing the same watch again and again? Then this article will be very helpful for you. In this article, you will come to know how variety can be added into your wrist-watch collection by just changing the straps or bands. You should opt for the watch band which goes with the watch and suits your personality too. Same like a watch, choice of watch straps also tells about your taste and style, so you have to be very keen before purchasing any watch band.

The most precious range of watch bands is made up of fascinating leathers, such as alligator, crocodile, ostrich, python, shark, buffalo or calf skin. Leather is very soft and flexible material so its bands are easy to wear and comfortable as well. These straps are water resistant, scratch resistant and easy adjustable with buckle. If you want to have a traditional and classy look then you must select the Vintage leather band.

Richard Remington, known for making high-end wrist-watches, is now offering a classy range of Leather wrist bands for its ultra-slim and day-date watches. Each of the leather straps is different in some aspect from other. Therefore, you should read the given short descritption of the leather straps offered by Richard Remington so you can make a better selection.

1. Richard Remington’s WRIST BAND CLASSIC PRESTON:

This wristband is available in Vintage inspired Matt dark black color, having a width of 20 mm and made up of soft Italian Calfskin leather. These classic leather straps compliment with either silver or rose gold dial. Classic ultra-thin watch with a combination of this wrist band looks so stylish that it can be worn on different occasions, whether it is an official meeting, unofficial get together with friends or sporting on weekends.


Warrington watch straps are best choice of a gentleman as it is made up of Shiny brown and smooth Italian Calfskin. These Leather straps styled in Alligator style makes it versatile and classy, so it will fit with any dress code. Combination of Ultra Slim watch with this band, available with silver and gold buckles, making it the perfect choice for weekend’s evening or business event.

3. Richard Remington’s WRIST BAND CLASSIC BRISTOL:

These watch straps are great partners for your watch when you have to do styling, for your leisure time on weekends. Since watch reflects your personality so you have to choose the best leather straps made from Calfskin. Tanned dark brown Classic Bristol band is available with gold and silver buckles to choose from. It will be suitable with Silver or Rose gold metal dials.

4. Richard Remington’s WRIST BAND CLASSIC NORWICH:

Leather wrist bands never go out of fashion this is the reason Classic Norwich watch straps are made from genuine Italian Calfskin leather . This is richly colured in Shiny black and crafted expertly so it fits comfortably on your wrist and gives you retro edge in working days or on weekend breaks.It has a width of 20 mm and it compliments with silver, yellow gold or rose gold metal work.


All of these straps are interchangeable so you can easily wear the same watch over and again with a new look and feel each time. So what are you waiting for? Check out our latest arrival of leather straps for ultra-slim watches here.

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