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4 Occasions Where A Watch Is The Perfect Gift For Men

Posted on 20 September 2017

Most of the people get confused when it comes to buying a gift on special occasions, especially for men. It is because there are very few things that can be presented to men as a gift and too much achievements, and occasions in their life from academic life till professional life.

This limited range of products available to present as a gift to a men and large number of events makes it harder for people to decide what they should present him as a gift. However, there are few occasions when a watch can be a perfect gift for him.

Do not worry if you do not know the events when you can buy an elegant watch to present as a gift to show your love, support and care for him. Following are some of the important events of a gentleman’s life where a wristwatch can be a perfect gift.

1. First Job:

One of the most important achievements in one’s life is that when he got his first job. This is the time when he steps into professional life for the very first time and want to make most of his skills and appearance to create a strong impression on his working fellows. In professional environment, your attire should not only be formal but you have to equip well yourself with all the important accessories and watch is on top of them. Therefore, a watch can be a perfect gift for someone who has just got his first job.

2. Father’s Day:

Father’s Day is yet another an important occasion when you express your love and care to your dads and endorse that you honour the hard work they have done to brought you up. Also, this is the day when you give the credit of your success and achievements to him. Since, your father is a gentleman as well, a fine leather strap, ultra-slim wrist watch can be a perfect gift for him.

3. School Graduation:

Graduating from school is also a big achievement for the teenagers and presenting a gift on such occasion shows that you appreciate the hard work they have done to avoid falling short of your expectations. Since, school graduation is a point when parents start considering them mature, the gift should also have resemblance to their thoughts which is only possible by presenting them a fine quality master day-date watch.

4. Retirement:

This is yet another important point of a man’s life when he is done with all the professional life struggle and ready to sit back and relax on a relaxing chair and plan to start spend quality time with his family. Moreover, this is the time when children try to bring colours into his life which were faded due to struggling throughout his professional life to earn bread and butter for them. So, an elegant ultra-slim watch can be a perfect gift to express your love and support for him.


So, if you are looking to present a gift to your dad, brother, son or husband on any of these events, you should try presenting a decent wrist watch. In case you are unable to buy a watch because of the high price tags, do not worry. Richard Remington, one of the finest watchmakers in the world, has offered high-end master day-date and elegant ultra-slim watched starting from just £75. So what are you waiting for? Check out Richard Remington’s latest arrival and present something memorable to your loved ones.

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