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3 Reasons Watches Are Still Worth Wearing

Posted on 28 August 2017

Although, in this modernised digital era where everyone is equipped with smart gadgets and smartphones, most of the people have started avoiding wrist watches. It is because they consider a watch simple a time keeper and nothing more. However, still there are some people who are passionate about wrist watches because they know how it embraces your personality and create a strong impression on people around them.

So, if you are one of those persons who are not interested in wearing a watch considering it as a time-keeper only, then you should read the given points and you will surely find a reason watches are still worth wearing.

1. Classy Way To Keep An Eye On Time:

The first and foremost reason why watches are still worth wearing is that it is the most convenient way to keep an eye on time. In this era where everyone is addicted to smart gadgets and phones, you must have heard “Why to wear a watch when we have a smartphone in our pocket?”. The answer to this question is that, first of all, you cannot keep carrying smartphone in hand and fishing it out quite often on important events, meetings and occasions show your lack of concentration towards the discussion or gathering and more towards anything else. Whereas, having a watch on your wrist makes it easier to have a quick look in a decent way.

2. Symbol Of Tradition:

Another reason why you should consider wearing a watch is that it is a symbol of tradition. Interesting thing about watches is that the people who wear it also do not know the significance of timepiece they are wearing. Classic watches require months of hard work and craftsmanship to create one masterpiece and this is the reason why you get compliments from people whenever you wear a classic watch.

3. Increases Punctuality:

One of the important reasons to wear a wrist watch is that it creates and strengthens relationship with time. Since it is convenient to keep an eye on time with a wrist watch as compared to any other time-keeping device, it makes us more concerned about the time and decreases the chances of getting late –one thing that professionals cannot afford.

4. Creates A Perfect Fashion Statement:

Last but not the least thing to be concerned about wearing a wrist watch is that it helps create a perfect fashion statement for a gentleman. Therefore, if you need to create a strong impression on the people around you, you must consider wearing a decent wrist watch.


Reading the aforementioned reasons will help you understand why watches are still worth wearing. Although most of the branded watches come with a heavy price tag, but not all. There are some finest watchmakers like Richard Remington who are providing quality Master Day-Date and elegant Ultra-Slim watches as low as £75. All of the watches are available in high quality calfskin, interchangeable leather straps which will help you enhance your charisma. Kindly check out our latest collection here.

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