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What Does Your Watch Says About You?

Posted on 11 August 2017

It is quite proven that if you want to know from which class a man belongs to, then take a deep look on some major aspects of his appearance and you will be able to assess his personality. Although, you can never perfectly judge a person through his appearance, but some aspects such as his clothing style, shoes he wear and most importantly the watch on his wrist can reveal a lot about his personality and character.

There are many types of watches including but not confined to Sport watches, Gold watches, Oversize watches, Chronograph watches, Casual watches and Luxury watches. The type of watch you wear shows different aspects of your personality. If you don’t know what your watch says about you, then you should read the given brief of different watch categories. This way, you will not only be to identify what your watch reveals about you but you will also be able to know the characteristics of people around you.

1. Sports Watch:

This watch is usually worn by the people, who are competitors and love the outdoor activities. They are not lazy and always like to do things on the specified time. A man who loves to do fishing , running and climbing opt for the sport watch because these watches has features of stopwatch, GPRS tracker and water resistant as well.

2. Oversize Watch:

A man who prefers to wear a watch with heavy and big dials is a party guy. These watches called as Boyfriend watches so a man, who always remains at the chase of woman and wants to look cool, wear these watches. The look of this watch is powerful so it represents a strong man so no one can mess with him.

3. Gold Watch:

Gold watches are bold and if you like the glitter and charm, then your choice of watch will be the one whose dial is studded with diamonds. This type of watch is selected by a man who prefers to remain the center of attention and in limelight.

4. Luxury Watch:

There is no doubt that luxury watches show off dignity and success of a man. This kind of watch makes a man feel himself superior than others. When a man has achieved success in his life so he allows himself to do investment in expensive things and luxury watches became part of it. They are usually worn by the top leaders of their field to pose the king like attitude.

5. Casual Watch:

Casual watches are not only cost effective and less complicated but durable as well. This is the reason why these watches are choice of a man who values endurance. Casual watch is never too loud so a person who wants to be classy and dignified prefer to wear simple casual watch.

Final Verdict:

If you go for buying an elegant day-date or ultra-slim watch from a top-notch watchmaker, it usually costs thousands of dollars which can hardly be afforded by a common man. However, not all watchmakers do the same. Richard Remington, a renowned, high-end watchmaker, has launched elegant watches at reasonable prices. So, now you can find and buy a decent watch within your budget.

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