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4 Important Reasons Why You Should Start Wearing a Wrist Watch

Posted on 20 July 2017

Although a wrist watch has become an important accessory, especially for the professionals, but still there are some people who argue why a man should wear a watch in today’s modern world? This question is mainly raised because we are living in a high-tech era where everyone carries smartphones these days having time display option.

So, why one really needs to wear a wrist watch? If you have the similar thought in your mind, this article will be going to tell you the significance of wearing a wrist watch. Given are some of the strong yet logical reasons that will help you understand why watches are still worth wearing.

1. It is Convenient:

A wrist watch is the most easiest and comfortable way to tell you the time. Moreover, if you are a professional, you just cannot pull out your cell phone again and again in the middle of the conversation just to check the time. This shows your lack of interest in the conversation or meeting. Whereas, looking at your watch, even dozens of time, does not look bad.

2. It is an Accessory:

For a man, range of jewelry is very limited. Therefore, they are mostly seen with few accessories for decorating their hands which consists of cufflinks, bracelet and a watch. Huge range of watches is available these days which includes gold shiny watch covered with diamonds or a watch with casual look and it can be in bold colors as well. You can select a different watch for various occasions whether you are going for dinner, for a party, for a weekend picnic for sporting. In short, a watch is an important accessory for all type of events and environments.

3. It is a Style Statement:

A person who wears a watch looks more stylish than the person who does not. Watchmakers give us opportunity to express who you are and communicate your sense of style. Therefore, it is important to be very careful while choosing a watch. It is not mandatory that your looks will be perfect only when you wear a proper suit or an expensive watch. You may even look stylish if you wear a perfect casual watch with your pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Checkout Richard Remington’s latest range of economical day-date and ultra-slim watches to create a strong style-statement.

4. It makes you Punctual:

Psychologists David Ellis and Rob Jenkins conducted a study, in which a group of people who never worn a watch in their whole life were asked to wear a watch for one month. The results were positive as they became more punctual than earlier. Nowadays, Digital watches contain various features which will change your attitude and you will be more conscious for how to spend time. You can use the watch as a prop by glancing on your wrist watch during unproductive conversation; it will be enough to suggest someone to cut it short as it is not a right time for this.


There is a famous saying ‘boys look at their smart phones to check time – men look at a watch’. So, if you don’t wear a watch, start wearing one. And one day, you may build a relationship with it and you will always feel naked without it.

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