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3 Of The Most Affordable Day-Date Watches Every Men Should Consider Buying

Posted on 05 October 2017

You do not necessarily need to buy a costly, vintage day-date watch to get noticed as there are many affordable watches that can help you get a nod. Previously, there were only few watch makers who were making day-date watches and due to their monopoly in the market, they were ripping of the customer with whatever price they want.

However, watch makers like Richard Remington have now started making high-end day-date watches that are not only cost-effective but equipped with features that a man looks for in a watch to get noticed.

Following are some of the most affordable yet high quality affordable day-date watches by Richard Remington that every man should seriously consider buying.

     1.  Master Day Date Yellow Gold Limited Edition:

day date watches

 Master Day Date Yellow Gold is a Limited Edition watch by Richard Remington. It sports a multi-functional day-date dial and a beautiful black Italian Pristine leather strap. This watch is designed in a way that it can be worn at formal events as well as in social gathering. The matte black alligator-style fine leather strap with moon-white dial is the ultimate combination of beauty, excellence and elegance. To know more about this watch, click here.

     2.  Master Warrington Day Date Silver:

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 Master Warrington is yet another elegant day-date watch by Richard Remington that can take your style statement to the next level. Featuring a multi-functional moon-white dial with a shiny brown Italian calfskin strap, it adds sartorial flair to gentlemen’s wrist. The bold blue hands of watch make it more appealing, making an ultimate combination with white crown-sized dial. It also has alligator style leather strap giving it a gentle look. Besides Silver, it is also available in Rose Gold dial so you can pick any of your preferred dial colour. Click here to view more details.

     3.  Master Bristol Day Date Rose Gold:

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 Master Bristol is also a classic watch that comes under the day-date watch category of Richard Remington. It features a crown-sized white dial with Rose Gold apertures giving it a fine look. Moreover, it comes with a high quality dark brown Italian calfskin leather strap making an ultimate combination of beauty with Rose Gold dial. Different from other day-date watches, it also features second’s chronograph which does not only help you to be precise, but also ensure that you are always on time. Besides Rose Gold, it also comes in a silver dial. To read more amazing features of this watch, kindly click here.

Final Verdict:

By reading the features of these amazing watches, you would have been thinking that you will need to have heavy pockets to buy one of them. However, you don’t need to. Richard Remington has kept its prices as low as £95 so that anyone can easily afford to buy such elegant app. So, if you are considering buying an affordable yet elegant day-date watch, you should seriously consider buying one of the Richard Remington’s watches.

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