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3 Of The Most Elegant Ultra-Thin Watches For Men

Posted on 01 January 2016

From the early ages, humans have always strived for innovation of new and better mechanisms and machines. As the time has changed, everything has become slimmer and smarter. In the same way, style of the watches has also been changed. Gone are the days when big and heavy watches used to be the style statement; they have now been replaced by elegant ultra-thin watches.

Ultra-thin watches are very difficult to design for watchmakers because it consists of very elegant parts and one needs to be very careful when assembling those delicate parts. The craftsmanship is the same reason why these watches are popular among watch lovers.

Choice of ultra-thin watches is usually done by professionals who usually wear business shirts because it easily fits under the cuff. So, if you are wearing a proper suit, a nice dress watch can play a vital role in enhancing your persona.

As the demand of thin watches are increasing Richard Remington have also launched all new series of elegant ultra-thin watches in different colors and styles.

Given is the high-end collection of Richard Remington’s ultra-thin watches that you should seriously consider buying to enhance your personality.

     1.  Classic Preston Ultra-Thin 40mm:

richard remington thin watches

Classic Preston is a high-end watch by Richard Remington. It features a full moon style face with an eggshell white dial, sporting high quality Italian leather strap giving it edge over other watches. Click here to read more about this supreme watch.

     2.  Classic Cambridge Ultra-Thin 40mm:

For the teenagers, Classic Cambridge is something that can enhance their appearance and persona with a nominal cost. It features classic Navy, White and Red colour combination on its seafaring nylon Nato strap giving it a teeny yet elegant look. To know more about this watch, click here.

     3.  Classic Warrington Ultra-Thin 40mm:

 Classic Warrington is truly a gentleman’s watch. Featuring shiny brown Italian calfskin leather strap with an ultra-thin dial, this is something that can be worn at the formal meetings and events. Believe it or not, people will not resist asking about the watch. For more details, click here.

Final Comment:

Dials of all above mentioned watches are fitted with Sapphire Crystal Glass. As one of the hardest substance Sapphire glass is almost hard as diamond. All of the series of elegant ultra thin watches are fitted with this glass for easily readable dial and scratch proof. Moreover, they all come with interchangeable straps of leather and nylon. So, all you need to do is to buy different straps and you can wear it on different occasions with a new look every time. 

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